Fire Risk Assessments

If you own, manage or operate a business your workplace must comply with fire safety law – The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The Law applies to virtually all buildings, places and structures other than individual private dwellings. Môn Fire Management’s Fire Risk Assessments are designed to ensure any workplace reaches the required standard and that all aspects of the fire safety law are taken into account.

Which properties must comply?

Premises is defined in the order as any place and, in particular, includes –

  • Any workplace or place of worship
  • Any vehicle, vessel, aircraft or hovercraft
  • Any installation on land (including the foreshore and other land intermittently covered by water), and any other installation (whether floating, or resting on the sea bed or the subsoil thereof, or resting on other land covered with water or the subsoil thereof)
  • Any tent or movable structure

Who should carry out the assessment?

The person carrying out the fire risk assessment must be competent (knowledgeable, fully trained and experienced).

Our competence

Môn Fire Management are third-party accredited to provide fire risk assessments, under the BAFE SP205 Certified Organisation.

Our third-party accreditation for carrying out fire risk assessments means our clients have the peace of mind knowing that we are independently verified and audited annually for competency to meet the requirements of the BAFE SP205 scheme.

Our Fire Risk Assessors are accredited to the Institute of Fire Safety Managers Tier 3 Nationally Accredited Fire Risk Assessors Register (NAFRAR) and the Institute of Fire Safety Engineers

Inadequate fire safety may result in a fire that may cause injury and loss of life. It is paramount that the Consultant giving you advice is competent. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 has defined a competent person as a person who “has sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to enable him to properly assist in undertaking the preventative and protective measures”.

Môn Fire Management have extensive expertise and experience.

What areas are covered in the risk assessment?

An inspection of all areas for which you have responsibility will be inspected and a detailed report produced which will include –

  • An overview of the premises
  • Identification of sources of ignition
  • Identification of fuel sources
  • Identification of persons at risk
  • Current control measure
  • Any remedial action required to remove or reduce the risk with appropriate time scales for rectification
  • Where appropriate, photographs identifying risk areas

How long does it take and what will it cost?

Our fees include an on site inspection of the premises and a detailed written report. Site inspections can vary from 2 hours to several days depending on the size, layout and type of occupancy and the use of the premises.

We also offer the availability of an online portal where an organisation’s fire risk assessments can be managed – enquire about more information.


For further information please contact Môn Fire Management on 01407 761 331 or 07590 996 546.